Pet Euthanasia Las Vegas

Pet Euthanasia & Hospice in Las Vegas, NV

As much as we wish our pets would live forever, they all eventually reach a point where their quality of life is no longer what it used to be. At Sahara Pines Animal Hospital, we offer pet euthanasia and hospice services to support animals and their loving owners, because we strive to care for our patients just as well in life as we do to help them across the rainbow bridge.

For more about what to expect, see below, and please reach out to us if you have questions about your pet’s condition or concerns that it’s time to plan for hospice care or euthanasia.

What is the Process for Pet Euthanasia?

Before any euthanasia appointment, we first provide a Quality-of-Life exam. This exam gives us an opportunity to evaluate your pet’s quality of life as a whole—from their daily habits and behaviors, to any sudden and abnormal health changes. We want to help you understand your pet’s condition so you can make the most informed and compassionate decision for your pet’s needs.

After the exam, we can help you arrange a date and time for euthanasia. We will give you any time you need to think over your options before deciding.

You are more than welcome to stay with your pet during the entire euthanasia procedure. It is usually a comfort for pets to have their loved ones nearby.

Cat Laying Down

Cremation and Keepsake Options

Following the euthanasia procedure, our team will help you decide on how to proceed with your pet’s remains. Sahara Pines Animal Hospital partners with West Coast Crematory, which offers private cremation, communal cremation, and your choice of urn, or another keepsake such as a clay paw print or tuft of fur. Visit West Coast Crematory’s website to learn more about what they offer. If you wish to have additional copies made of your pet’s paw print, nose print, or tuft of fur, we can have these obtained for you.

We know this is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make for your pet. Please know that Sahara Pines Animal Hospital is here to offer guidance and support to make the pet euthanasia process a little easier for you and your pet.