dog and cat wellness exams in Las Vegas, NV

Pet Wellness Exams in Las Vegas, NV

Pets benefit from routine wellness exams at any age, whether they’re a puppy or kitten just getting started or entering their senior years. At Sahara Pines Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we recommend annual pet wellness exams for all dogs and cats. These exams are an excellent opportunity for us to perform a thorough examination and build a consistent health history for your pet. Because dogs and cats age 5-7 years for one human year, regular checkups are essential to keeping up with rapid health changes and administering proactive treatment to improve your pet’s quality of life.

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What Happens During a Pet Wellness Exam?

The wellness exam covers several important things, with the goal of helping your pet stay healthy and potentially catching underlying illness at an earlier, more treatable stage.

A Thorough Physical Examination

First, we need to check your pet’s major organ systems (heart, lungs, abdominal organs, musculoskeletal system) to make sure they’re functioning normally. Then, we examine your pet from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail for any abnormal physical changes that we didn’t see at their last checkup.

A Discussion About Your Pet’s Health and Behavior at Home

The wellness exam is also an opportune time for us to ask questions about your pet’s appetite, behavior, elimination habits, and other key indicators of their health. We also invite you to take note of any things you notice at home and ask us any questions you have. Together, we can uncover possible health problems and create a care plan that addresses these problems.

Blood and Fecal Testing

Routine blood tests and fecal exams give us insight into your pet’s health and organ function. With the help of diagnostics we can detect various diseases, parasites, and infections at an early stage and provide timely treatment.


If your pet is due for their vaccine boosters, we can administer them at their wellness exam. We may also want to evaluate your pet’s current vaccination schedule and update it as needed to suit their current lifestyle.

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Puppy and Kitten Wellness Care

Few things are as exciting as adopting a new puppy or kitten, and our team can’t wait to meet them! It’s important to give them the best start in life by making sure they’re healthy and building up their immune system so they can thrive. We’ll perform a thorough physical exam, provide deworming treatment, if necessary, administer their first boosters and parasite preventatives, and answer all your questions about caring for your precious new family member.

The Importance of Senior Pet Care

Senior dogs and cats experience many age-related issues similar to those experienced by human seniors, but how can you tell if your pet’s condition is simply due to normal aging, or a medical problem? At Sahara Pines Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to making your pet’s senior years as healthy and comfortable as possible. Routine wellness exams and blood tests are especially crucial for monitoring your pet’s condition and detecting potential disease processes. If your pet has a chronic issue, such as diabetes or heart failure, we need to see them regularly for checkups and to make adjustments to their current treatment regimen if necessary.